TALES FROM NOCTURNIA - Issue #2 of 3 (Silverbax Covers: 'Faceoff' Both Sides!)


"Something Sinister This Way Comes" is 40 pages of medieval madness that picks up right where Issue #1 "A Kingdom in Shambles" Leaves off.

The battle that the leaderless Nocturnians fear is now a reality closing in on all sides. Their elite are away from the stronghold, and a spy has been relaying their every move to the darkened forces of Sinisteria.

Will those remaining be able to uncover the sinister plot bearing down on them and prepare before it's too late? And even if they do, will they have the numbers to repel such an invasion?

Covers B & C: The "Faceoff" set is by Bryan Silverbax. This is the left and right sides featuring the beast Vermynoth as he goes nose to nose with Benonoch of Nocturnia. Will this conflict take place in issue #2, or is this a vision of things to come?

NOTE: This issue also contains a guest appearance from the members of The Artisan Era band INFERI.

TALES FROM NOCTURNIA - Issue #2 of 3 (Silverbax Covers: 'Faceoff' Both Sides!)