COMIC: (ISSUE #1 & #2) The Crossroads Conundrum #1 / #2 REVAMPED!

Issues 1&2 have been revamped and reenvisioned. The issues that set the stage for the rest of the series now have input and art from the go forward team (Matt Knowles, Steph Cannon, and Javi Laparra) and have returned as a double issue! A must have for anyone wanting to truly experience the epic nature of the story!

What if a seemingly innocent curiosity turned your world upside down? What if you could never go back to the way things were? What if you realized you never really wanted to? In this issue we'll start following Professor Mykal Isildur as he confronts these questions and many other conundrums.

Ch.1: The Discovery Paradox
Ch.2: A Shivering Introduction

Issue 2:
As Mykal and his newfound companion try to adjust to the new reality they have been thrust into, another new arrival into the fray challenges everything they thought they knew and throws the timeline off even farther.

Ch.3: Making Sense Of This New Reality
Ch.4: The Hands Of Time Never Turn Back... Or Do They?
Ch.5: Murkier Waters


COMIC: (ISSUE #1 & #2) The Crossroads Conundrum #1 / #2 REVAMPED!


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