"The Crossroads Conundrum" Teaser video released + Other news

Hey everyone... Lots of news updates on our facebook page HERE, but we also are very happy to release a little teaser video for The Crossroads Conundrum that you can view below!​

"Shiver" Lyric video released

This is a big day for Heirs of Isildur as the very first single for the upcoming musical release The Crossroads Conundrum has been unveiled. The song is called "Shiver", and it has materialized into this reality in the form of a lyric video (above). Thanks to Hulyan @ Pontilhado Studios (Brazil) for the great work. We hope you enjoy the song!

Now some may ask "...but how does this relate to the Crossroads Conundrum storyline?"  That answer will be revealed in due time my friends, all in due time.

Merch Store Open + Guest Appearance

Hey everyone... The Heirs Of Isildur 'Father Time Emporium' Webstore is now open HERE!...want to give a big shoutout to Heirs companion and cosplay enthusiast SirenCroftCosplay .... who was cool enough to take some time out and come model for the page. Once you check out the emporium, hit up her page and support as well! Thanks again SirenCroft!