Heirs of Isildur: The Concept

When a respected watchmaker in the puritanical steampunk village ofShadow’s Havenstumbles upon a hidden mystical portal, he has to reconcile the regimented existence he's worked his whole life to perfect versus the outrageous one he's unintentionally created for many others and himself.

Will he understand what it all means before the timeline completely unravels?

So what is
Heirs of Isildur? Simply put, it’s where STEAMPUNK, COMICS, and METAL collide. It utilizes a multimedia platform (music, videos, and a comic / illustrated novel series) to unveil its ever evolving story-arc.

Imagine the comic / illustrated novel issues as the part where the story-arc unveils itself like a vertical line. The songs from the album (plus the music videos) intersect at horizontal points along the way to expand on character original stories and some additional interactions.

While one does not NEED the other, putting the two together will give you an experience like none-other.

The story focuses around Professor Mykal Isildur, the artisan and curator at the Father Time Emporium, a timekeeping and clock-making establishment in the steampunk exclave of Shadow's Haven. He's prided himself on living a life that never alters from the simple and safeguarded path. 

One day, After arriving home from a long day’s work, he decided to take a nature walk near his estate, where he made a discovery that changed the course of his life and all that he knew.

He allowed his curiosity to get the better of him on a single occasion and the ensuing havoc that was produced had otherworldly impacts for him and his unexpected associates.

One thing that Mykal knows is that Shadow's Haven is puritanical in nature, and the citizens are regimented in their actions. They don't take too kindly to things they can't understand or unexpected newcomers. Just how much do the townsfolk really know about what's going on? What about the odd behavior and occurrences? Will Mykal be able to keep his clandestine efforts hidden? 

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