WHAT IF a seemingly innocent curiosity turned your world upside down?
WHAT IF you could never go back to the way things were?

WHAT IF you realized you never really wanted to?

These questions are the catalyst for Heirs of Isildur on their odyssey that culminates with the upcoming debut release The Crossroads Conundrum and its accompanying multimedia storyline.

Heirs of Isildur follows the exploits of Professor Mykal Isildur and his unexpected associates. Although he’s prided himself on living a life on that never alters from the simple and safeguarded path, he allows his curiosity to get the better of him on a single occasion, and the ensuing havoc that is produced could have otherworldly impacts for him and many others. Will he be able to undo the chaos that ensues… but the real question is, does he even want to?


A unique element to Heirs of Isildur is that while both the music and the multimedia aspects are autonomous and not dependent upon one another, they are designed to still drive and support each other. At present, the “linear” storyline will be unveiled thru literary / short story form and graphic novel-esque artwork in digital / web-based mediums. The musical aspect will regularly focus on “origin stories”, introducing us to the backstory of specific characters, or interactions between them.

...the timeline begins to unravel soon...